Sports Injury Management

Sports and games improve physical fitness, self confidence and team work. But associated with these positive attributes are the risks of sports-related injuries. Children getting injured while involving in sports may be due to accidents or due to inadequate training and practice. The most common sports injuries affect the soft tissues and the head. These injuries can be classified into

i) acute (minor) injuries like bruises and sprain.
ii)overuse injuries (continuous stress on the bones and muscles ) like anterior knee pain, swimmer ?s shoulder, spondylolysis .

Some of the common injuries that children succumb to are
Sprains & stains – stretching or tear of a muscle, tendon or ligament.
Growth plate injuries – damage to the end of long, growing bones.
Heat-related problems – dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Treatment depends on the nature of injury. The common treatment includes rest, application of ice packs, compression using elastic wraps, air casts and splints, elevation. Major complications may require surgical intervention.

common sports injuries