kinematic knee replacement

Kinematic Knee Replacement

INTRODUCING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN INDIA KINEMATIC KNEE REPLACEMENT, CHENNAI – performed only at Rathimed Hospital in the Indian subcontinent.
In Kinematic Knee Replacement technique the goal is to position the implant in line with natural bending axis of the thigh, leg and knee cap bones. The principle is to shape match the implants to the surface of the bones calculating the amount of wear which has happened so far due to arthritis. In this technique ligament release is not needed to correct the deformity. Hence there is no compromise in ligament function
Kinematic Knee Replacement
The goal of Kinematic Knee Replacement is to improve 20% dissatisfaction among patients following traditional knee replacement. This is especially true in young patients who put apply more demand on the artificial knee joint. Mechanically placed total knee replacements lead to lengthy post-surgical recovery periods, usage of pain killers to allay pain and can still lead to instability (mid flexion). Kinematic knee replacement procedures lessen these undesirable consequences by positioning of the implant best suited to the patients anatomy and amount of wear.

There are several advantages to this procedure:

Many patients start walking in 24 hours independently without support Many of them do not need higher pain killers as they easily recover from surgery. Thus this procedure avoids complications and side effects of these pain killers The surgery is aimed at achieving optimum functionality of the knee as early as 2 weeks Patient consistently achieves more than 120 degrees of knee bending in just about 2 weeks time The knee scores (to assess patient satisfaction) are significantly higher when compared to conventional technique These advantaged are not observed when conventional philosophies of ligament balancing techniques are utilized

Several clinical studies of the procedure have seen patients recover quickly with better functionality and flexion. Patients have reported better movements and high levels of satisfaction with this intervention. The studies have further revealed that kinematic knee replacement in chennai provides prolonged survival of the implant with extremely low revision rates even after 6 to 10 years.

Kinematic knee replacement procedure is introduced and performed by the orthopaedic surgeon at Rathi Med Speciality Hospital, Anna Nagar, Chennai for the first time in India.